Ruokasoodaa (taas) paremmalla menestyksellä - Baking soda (again!) with much better results

Ensimmäinen ruokasooda-akryylimaalikokeiluni ei oikein onnistunut. Lopputulos oli sutta ja sekundaa. Toinen kerta toden sanoo, joukossa on voimaa ja taikasana on gesso. Nimittäin kerhoillassa maalattiin muovikorkkeja ruokasoodan ja akryylimaalin sekoituksella onnistuneesti kun ne ensin oli pohjamaalattu gessolla.Toimii!

You probably remember the first time I experimented painting with the mixture of baking soda and acrylic paint and it didn't turn out too great. The second time around surrounded by clever miniature enthusiasts it worked like a dream. We did this in one of our club meetings and now I have three usable pots. The magic word was gesso.

All you have to do is give a thin coat of gesso to all your plastic caps (or other small plastic items) and only after it has dried, apply the mixture of paint and baking soda. Add just a little bit of soda to the paint and test it on a piece of cardboard to see how granular it becomes. Eh, voilà!

Maalia ja soodaa


Jodi Hippler said...

How fun to experiment with everyday substances to see the impact on our crafts! There is nothing better than to discover the key to making an idea work, and your textured canisters look wonderful!

Millimari said...

Thank you, Jodi. The canisters I made would work well as concrete flower pots in the garden.