Flower girls and new items in the Children's playroom

These two young twins were the two flower girls at the wedding.

Flower girls

One of them was "snatched" from the Children's playroom (the blog banner) and she got a new pair of undies matching her dress.


In the annual calendar swap, I received new items suitable for the Children's playroom, the red teddy bear and a candy dispenser. I thought that the latter is very cleverly put together.

New red teddy bear

Candy dispenser

And here's the entire Children's playroom with all its new items.

New items in the playroom


The wedding theme with best wishes for the Valentine's Day!

I thought I'd give you a sneak peek to the miniature wedding held a week ago Wednesday in our miniature club. All went well except for me forgetting two sets of tables with white tablecloths decorated with orange roses at home. Unfortunately, it would've taken me an hour to drive back home and then back to the club to get them. Forgetting them really irritated me but in the end, we managed quite well without them.

The groom is a friend's doll and the bride is mine. I crocheted the dress for her. It's a bit like in the early 1960s when short wedding dresses were almost the norm. I also constructed the veil attached to a copper colored diadem. The dolls are slightly disproportionate compared to one another but hey, it's all about love!



A new project

Cafe project

I've been crazy busy at work for the past month with almost no time for miniatures.

In our miniature club meetings we've continued working on our mutual project. In the first meeting of the year the theme was May Day celebrations and next Wednesday it's my turn with a wedding theme. Sorry I can't share any more about it yet.

Before Christmas I bought a roombox kit, my second one ever; it could be my next project. It's called 'Simon's café' but I'm sure I will rename it and make my own tweaks to it. I'm just looking forward to getting some time in the evenings to work on the café!


Hyvää uutta vuotta! - A Happy New Year!

Ikuisena optimistina toivon kaikille ja kaikkialle rauhallisempaa vuotta 2024!

Tässä lyhyt yhteenveto viime vuodesta: lähdin rakentamaan jo kauan suunnitteilla ollutta Art Deco -tyylin hotellia. Projekti osoittautui kuitenkin liian suureksi tässä elämäntilanteessa, joten keskityin tekemään yksittäisiä, pieniä minejä ja korjaamaan jo valmistuneita töitäni.

Kerhotoimintakin jatkui tavalliseen tapaan. Meillä on ollut syksystä asti meneillään yhteisprojekti, minkä toivottavasti saamme valmiiksi tämän vuoden aikana. Siitä lisää myöhemmin.

Joulun aikaan kerhon perinteinen joulukalenteriswappi innoitti tekemään uuden jouluaiheisen pienoishuoneen. Sen valmistumista saatte odottaa vielä noin 11 kuukautta! Joululomalla tein pienoishuoneen lisäksi muutaman emalikulhon ja niiden kuvaan on tällä kertaa tyytyminen.

As ever the optimist, I hope we will have a more peaceful year in 2024 compared to previous one!

As a recap of 2023, I began working on my Art Deco-hotel but the project turned out to be a little too much for me in my current life. Instead of the hotel, I focused on producing small items and fixing some of my existing pieces of work.

Our club held meetings as usual but we have been working on a mutual project since last fall and I can't yet reveal what it is all about. I hope we'll be able to finish it this year. More news later.

Our traditional calendar swap also inspired me to build yet another Christmas-themed roombox. You will need to wait for it to be finished, though, about the next 11 months! In addition to the roombox, I also made some more enamel bowls so this time you will have to settle for a photo of those.



Kiitos joulukalenteriswapista! - Calendar swap items

Kiitos kaikille swappiin osallistuneille!

Here are the calendar swap items from this year. I made two Christmassy pillows, some bread, and a 3D-printed box with some beads inside, something like the ones below.

Kalenteriswap omat

Below are two photos of the items I received.



I wanted to highlight two examples of very typical Finnish Christmas decorations that I received in our calendar swap.

The first one is 'himmeli', a straw crown or straw mobile, made from reeds, straw or other similar material bound together with string, often forming geometric shapes such as octahedrons. Such mobiles have been traditional in Northern and Eastern Europe and in some Central European countries, such as Poland and Germany, where they may serve as symbolic or religious decorations. Modern variations can be made from materials like brass or plastic.

When I was young, my mother and I made a 'himmeli' from straw and it was hung above our dining table at home.


This is the one I received in the swap.

The second decoration is St. Thomas's cross, a diamond-shaped cross made of wood shavings, originally used in the Finnish archipelago. The name refers to apostle Thomas. It was December 21st, St. Thomas's Day, that traditionally started Christmas time and protective crosses were placed on doors or windows. The model for the wood cross has been the wrought iron crosses of churches.

Tuomaan risti

Here it is in miniature.