Tilkkutyötyynyt - Patchwork pillows


Kokeilin tilkkutyötä minikoossa. Syntyi kaksi tyynyä. Vasemmanpuoleisessa tilkut eivät ole samankokoisia mutta aika hauska tyynystä silti tuli. Oikealla oli yritystä saada edes vähän samaa kokoa. Noh, ei siitäkään täydellistä tullut mutta ihan kiva sekin.

I wanted to experiment patchwork in miniature and sewed two pillows. The one on the left has pieces in different sizes whereas I tried to sew the fabric pieces approximately in the same width in the pillow on the right; it's not perfect but I think both of them turned out OK.


Pistorasioita ja valokytkimiä - Electrical sockets and light switches

Pistorasiat ja valokytkimet

3D-tulostettuja, minikokoisia mutta eivät toimi. Ovat jo viime vuodelta mutta blogissa vasta nyt.
3D-printed for a doll's house. Note that they are just for more realistic looks; they don't work. They were printed already last year but now appearing in this blog for the first time.

Pistorasia asennettu

Pistorasia on asennettu Aurinkoisen keittiöön. Alla lähikuva.
The socket is installed in the kitchen of my doll's house Aurinkoinen. Below you will find a closeup.

Keittiön pistorasiat

Kun jääkaappi siirtyy omalle paikalleen, pistorasia jää piiloon sen taakse.
Once the fridge is moved back to its place, the socket remans behind it.

Myös olohuoneeseen asennettiin pistorasia ja valokytkin.
A socket and a light switch were installed also in the living room.

Pistorasiat olohuoneessa

Pistorasia sohvan vieressä.
The socket is installed next to the couch.

Olohuoneen valokytkin

Valokytkin on sijoitettu sopivasti portaiden päähän kun noustaan olohuoneeseen keittiöstä.
The light switch is located conveniently at the end of the stairs when coming up from the kitchen.


Käsityökauppa: Kangas ja kerä - Craft shop: Fabric & Fibers

Kangas ja kerä

Well, I finally got my act together and finished the "quick-in-between-job" roombox. I figured out what was wrong: too little fabric. Once I got that right, everything else fell into the right place in only a couple of days.

The fabric shop I go to usually has some mannequins with the newest fabric wrapped around them to show how a piece of garment would look like. Instead of mannequins, I placed some clothes on the wall. Also, the shop sells a limited selection of knitting yarns, just like the one I go to.

There are just two roomboxes that I was longing to make out of the altogether 40 that I've done: the Hat Shop and this craft shop. Yet, it took me ages to finish both of them and they didn't turn out quite the way I imagined. It seems that thorough planning is not my thing!

Kangas ja kerä lankoja ja kankaita

Kangas ja kerä nauhoja


Taulu silkkinauhakirjonnalla - A '"painting" using silk ribbon embroidery

Silk ribbon embroidery

What a busy work week I've had! I haven't had time for any recreation at all. Anyway, I did this "painting" using silk ribbon embroidery and sent it to my mother on her birthday instead of a regular card, already a couple of months ago. Just thought of sharing the photo with you. And I'm looking forward to having a relaxing weekend to regain my strength. I hope you all will enjoy your weekend, too!


Noita tarvikkeita vai noitatarvikkeita? - Which is witch?

Hyvää pääsiäistä! A Happy Easter!

Noidan hylly

Värikkäitä munia, kimallusta hyvin käytetyssä luudassa, kristallipallo, taikasauva, mikstuureja, loitsukirjoja, hämähäkinseittejä...

Colorful eggs, a glittery but well-used broom, a crystal ball, a magic wand, potions, spell books, cobwebs...

Noidan hattu-taikasauva-kristallipallo

Mutta missä on noita? But which is the witch?