Kurkistus sinivalkoiseen taloon - Sneak peek into the Blue and white house


Pikkutalo ei ole vielä ihan valmis mutta tässä pientä kurkistusta sisustukseen,

The tiny house I started working on in the summer isn't quite finished yet but here's a sneak peek to its interior.


Sinistä ja valkoista - Blue and white

Blue and white - facade

Löysin kesällä Sinellistä vanerisen minitalon. Koko on epätavallinen, n. 1:21, jos laskee huonekorkeudeksi n. 2,4 m (11,5 cm minitalossa ilman ullakkoa). Etuseinä on melkein valmis mutta sisäpuolen sisustus on vielä vaiheessa. Harmillisinta on, että toinen sivuseinistä on vääntynyt, ilmeisesti maalaamisen ja tapetoinnin takia.

Ikkunalasit on tehty liivatelehdistä, mikä ei kuvassa näy kovin hyvin. Sokkelin ja portaikon "kivetyksen" väri vivahtaa oikeasti siniseen; kuvassa se vain näyttää tummemmalta. Teemana työssä on kaksi väriä: sininen ja valkoinen.

I found a cute little house of unfinished plywood in our local craft shop in the summer. The scale is a little unusual: 1:21 (the house's interior wall measures 11.5 cm excluding the attic and by multiplying it with 21, it would equal to about 2.4 m high wall in real life). The facade is almost ready but the interior needs more work. It's annoying, though, that the wall on the left of the house is slightly warped, probably because of the wet paint and wallpaper.

You probably can't see it very well in the photo but I've used gelatin leaves as window glass. The color of the base and the stairs has a hint of blue although in this photo is looks much darker than it really is. The main themes in this work are the two colors: blue and white.

The interior


Reppuja ja tiskiharjoja - Backbags and scrubs

I've been on holiday, enjoying my time off work. Constructuing the Art Deco hotel, though, was giving me more of a headache rather than joy so, I decided to leave it to nurture for a while. After all, this hobby is supposed to be about fun and relaxation.

What I've done, though, is crocheted a few miniature backpacks.

Three backpacks

Plus I have a very easy upcycle tip for citrus netting. Most of the lemons sold in our shops are often wrapped in a yellow mesh bag. When you cut out the two ends of the bag, you get two mini scrubs for doing the dishes.


Even the mesh could be upcycled as a miniature hammock or... as a cleaning sponge in real life.

Oh, I've also knitted a pair of real life size wool socks for the winter.


Rantakioski - Seaside stall

My work for the hotel is (and has been for some time already) at a standstill because I'm trying to figure out how to make the elevator doors. I might have to re-make the low staircase [in the lobby] as it seems that I didn't leave enough space for the doors, move the elevator or, just add a regular door with a sign saying 'Aux chambres'.
As it's summer, I thought I'd showcase one of my summer-themed scenes again: the Seaside stall

Rantakioski - Seaside stall


Minipuutarha - Miniature garden

Outdoor miniature scene

I finally got around to buying some real mini-sized plants for the background of my miniature garden - all of which prefer shade to direct sunlight. There wasn't much room left for the actual miniatures and the lighthouse that I was planning to have was odd-looking with the plants. I couldn't find any blue-colored decorative sand in our shops either so, no sea in this scene. I still feel that the scene is lacking something but instead of waiting for the revelation, I decided to place it outdoors as is. Otherwise, it might've been fall before it's finished. Last winter magpies showed interest in some decorative beads we had in the pots and I'm a little concerned that they just might show interest in this scene, too and start taking some of the stuff to their nests but I guess they are now busy looking after their offspring. Also, the neighbor's cat might find the sand irresistible... I hope not!


Minipuutarha-aihio - Miniature garden mockup

Our front yard has very little direct sunlight - it's mostly in the shade. I've got two flower pots located on both sides of our entrance and this year I decided to build at least one miniature garden in one of the pots instead of planting flowers.

First I needed a bowl, about 25 cm in diameter, and found one in the free-of-charge section in a nearby recycling center. 

Then I headed to the craft shop and bought 1.5 kg of concrete. 

The concrete was mixed with water and poured into the bowl to dry.

The whole undertaking is very much at a starting point. I was planning to build a seaside scene with sand (I have plenty of it!) with a lighthouse at the back. This is how far I got - just the concrete in the bowl and setting up some furniture to figure how it would look. Hmm. The chair and the table take up way too much space and the scene needs a lot more greenery. More work needed! (As if I hadn't enough to do with my hotel!)