Morsiamen kylphuone - Bridal bathroom

Kylpyhuone 2007

Alkuvaiheessa harrastusta, vuonna 2007, tein Morsiamen kylpyhuone -aiheisen pienoishuoneen. Käytin silloin tavanomaista liimaa kankaissa sillä seurauksella, että vihkipukuun on ajan myötä ilmestynyt ruskeita laikkuja. Yllä olevassa kuvassa puku on vielä siisti. Alla näkee, mitä perusliima tekee kankaalle. Oli aika päivittää tämä pienoishuone!

The Bridal bathroom was one of the roomboxes I made at the beginning of my hobby, in 2007. I used ordinary glue at that time, also for fabrics, which wasn't very smart. In the photo above you can see a white wedding dress and in the photo below you can see what ordinary white glue does to it over time - ugly brown spots have appeared here and there. It was high time to update this roombox!

Vanha vihkipuku

Lisäsin hiussoljen, ammeen reunalle saippuapussin, saippuan ja muutaman pullon. Lisäksi vaihdoin puvun ja lattialla viruvan pyyhkeen. Pienoishuoneen ajatuksena on mysteeri: Onko morsian vain käynyt kylvyssä vai karannut?

I added one of the hair slides on the dressing table and the soap pouch, a soap bar, and some bottles on the edge of the bath tub. I also placed a new wedding dress on the chair and a crisp new towel on the floor. The idea of the roombox is a mystery: Has the bride just taken a bath or has she run away?

Kylpyhuone 2021


Drora's minimundo said...

Lovely bathroom. What a great idea of decorating it as a bridal one.

Jodi Hippler said...

What a wonderful idea as the theme for a roombox! The replacement dress is lovely, and I wonder what type of adhesive you used this time. It is a bit disappointing when we realize that some of our past methods didn't stand the test of time, but we can comfort ourselves when the excitement for the project is reinvigorated and we can give them a bit of a remodel, refresh and polish! I will be doing the same with my Christmas gingerbread house project after the holidays. It seems that painting the lighting fixture's shades in red glass paint was an idea that got less appealing with time. I will have to replace all the fixtures and sleuth out a way to conceal the new wiring, but I will enjoy the process, too.

Millimari said...

Thank you for your comments, Drora and Jodi.
This time I used tacky glue and Gutermann's textile glue. They both work well and don't stain even sensitive materials.