Kesälukemista - A summer read

The Finnish dolls' house association (est. in 1991) publishes a doll's house magazine for all its members five times a year. The magazine is called just simply The Doll's House.

The magazine comes in A4-size and it usually has around 50 pages of stories with photos, instructions, ideas, events both local ones and those abroad, courses, and also some ads from Finnish doll's house shops. The magazine relies heavily on its members to send in stories with photos that are then compiled entirely by the voluntary editor-in-chief and currently we also have a voluntary layout designer. Also I used to work with the magazine six years ago;  I was both the editor-in-chief and the layout designer.

There are 1200 copies printed of each issue as there are around 1000 members in the doll's house association.

Anyway, it was nice to get this issue #3 of this year before the summer holidays

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Drora's minimundo said...

It's wonderful to have a dollhouse magazine of your own association. I wish we too had a similar magazine, but alas, we are too few to afford it. At least we can enjoy the AIM online magazine.
Hugs, Drora