RM: Piha edistyy - 1:18 house: Progess with the landscaping

Piha-alue - The yard

Talon oikealle puolelle tuleva piha-alue on edistynyt. Klikkaa kuvaa nähdäksesi sen isompana.

I've been working on the yard for my 1:18th scale house, both dating back to the late 1940s - a short time since the war and rationing still in effect. The house was heated with wood and many houses didn't have indoor plumbing but fetched water from the well in the yard. I guess my house would also require an outhouse but I can't bring myself to make one. Let's just pretend that it's somewhere further away... Click on the photo to see a bigger version of it.

Piha-alue - The yard

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