Patsaita Vietnamista - Statues from Vietnam

Vietnamilaiset patsaat
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Yet another busy work week is over! I've been spoiled by a miniaturist friend who sent me these adorable Vietnamese mini statues. For me this is not just about beautiful and skillfully made miniatures but they mean a lot more to me having worked in the country in the 1990s. At that time I wasn't into miniatures so I never brought any of those statues home.
These statues represent different ethnic groups in Vietnam: Bana, M'Nông, and Kinh, the last group comprising 86% of the population.
I also welcome two new readers to my blog, Mini Dork and Otterine.

Nyt minua on hemmoteltu! Upeat vietnamilaiset posliinipatsaat Ullalta. Iso kiitos näistä!

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