Hameet - Dresses

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Nappasin 1970-luvun Mobilian talon vieraana olevan naisnuken toimittamaan mallin virkaa 1920-luvun hameelle, joka on on aivan liian iso sille! Samaa kaavaa on olen käyttänyt myös vasemmalla olevaan vaaleaan hameeseen. Vihreä hame on ommeltu ompelukoneella, jolloin saumoista tulee siistit. Vaalea hame on osittain liimattu, osittain ommeltu käsin.
I whisked the visitor doll from my 1970s Mobilia to work as a model for my 1920s dress- the doll looks bewildered! Anyway, it's way too big for her and it's not quite as 1920s as I expected. The light colored dress on the left was made using the same pattern, it's only a bit smaller.
I used a regular sewing machine for the green dress and I think that the seams are prettier than in the light colored dress that I partly sewed by hand and partly glued together.

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