Kuka on kukin? - Who is who?

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Who is who in Pernilla's restaurant (from left to right):

- Urho, Pernilla's husband (Urho means 'brave' in Finnish)
- Uljas, Varma's husband, brother to the bridegroom (Uljas means "noble", "gallant")
- Varma, owner of Varma's café, Uljas' wife, sister to the bride (Varma = sure)
- Vappu, the bride, sister to Varma (Vappu = 1st May; Swedish: Valborg)
- Visa, the bridegroom, painter, brother to Uljas (Visa = curly birch)
- Nalle, single father of four children (Nalle = teddy bear)
- two of his children: Sini and Simo (Sorja and Santeri are baby twins, not in the photo) (Sini = blue; Sorja= graceful, slender)
- Stanislaus Cuisine, Polish chef in Pernilla's restaurant, with a French
- Pernilla, the owner of the restaurant, Urho's wife

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Pubdoll said...

So fun that you have made a who's who, too :-)
If dolls from both our worlds would meet and marry, then things would really be complicated!

I love their outfits by the way, and especially Pernilla's!