Café Varma - Kahvila Varma

Café Varma
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Sometimes it's good to place a large photo of your not-so-recent roombox somewhere where you can see it often. It works like a wake-up call, a call for action. When looking at the photo of Café Varma in my blog, it looked a bit bleak.

All in all, I didin't do much but I feel the upstairs looks a whole lot better now. The walls upstairs are quite high so I added a blue ribbon on the wall as a border.

I changed the painting above the table on the left and added a rug in front of it and a "cake-bell" next to it.

The plants were placed on tables, and finally I added two "coats of arms" on the back and right walls.

There's a blueberry cake on the chair; it was bought by Pernilla who is sitting by the table and enjoying her tea.

Downstairs I placed a cake & cakebox on the counter - I've been looking for the right place for this pine cone shaped cake I received from a miniaturist friend of mine. The cake fits well here.

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