Levoton matto - Restless rug

Art Deco -tyylin matto
Opettelimme uutta tekniikka kerhoillassa Päivi Eerolan ohjauksessa. Yritin saada aikaan Art Deco -tyylin mattoa mutta tästä tuli melko levoton. Voisi sopia valkoiseen huoneeseen, jossa on vain valkoisia huonekaluja.

We had the privilege of learning a new technique at our previous club meeting. Ms Eerola from Peony and Parakeet was teaching us. I was trying to make an Art Deco-style area rug but what I ended up with was a rather restless and too colorful piece. It might suit well in an all-white room; walls painted in white and furnished with only white furniture.

Art Deco -tyylin matto


Jerry-kannu - Jerrycan


3D-tulostettu jerry-kannu meribiologin mökkiin.

A 3D-printed jerrycan for my marine biologist's cottage.


Lankahuovutettu matto - Yarn-felted rug

Uusi matto

Aurinkoisen terassilla on uusi, lankahuovutettu matto, syksyn ensimmäisen kerhokerran satoa.

I placed a new yarn-felted rug on the terrace floor of my dollshouse Aurinkoinen.


RM: Pihalla - 1:18 house: In the yard


Lisäsin pihalle pyykkinarun. Taisto on hakemassa vettä kaivosta.


RM: Piha edistyy - 1:18 house: Progess with the landscaping

Piha-alue - The yard

Talon oikealle puolelle tuleva piha-alue on edistynyt. Klikkaa kuvaa nähdäksesi sen isompana.

I've been working on the yard for my 1:18th scale house, both dating back to the late 1940s - a short time since the war and rationing still in effect. The house was heated with wood and many houses didn't have indoor plumbing but fetched water from the well in the yard. I guess my house would also require an outhouse but I can't bring myself to make one. Let's just pretend that it's somewhere further away... Click on the photo to see a bigger version of it.

Piha-alue - The yard