Mystery plant - do you know what this is?

Mystery plant
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I bought this plant two months ago in a garden center as 'eupatorium purpureum' with an explanation that it will have white flowers. It's been blooming since late August and now in late September. The flowers are white allright and it's a huge perennial but despite all my efforts to find it on the internet, I haven't been able to figure out what this plant really is. Would any one of you readers know what this is?

Edit: Mystery solved: This is 'eupatorium aromaticum', white snakeroot in English.

Mikä kukka? Ostin tämän punalatvana puutarhaliikkeestä mutta ei tämä punalatvaa muistuta. Tiedätkö mikä kasvi tämä on?

Edit: Kukka on todellakin punalatva, jossa on valkoiset kukat. Latinankielinen nimi on 'eupatorium aromaticum'.

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